Hamilton tops first day of testing at Barcelona

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes showed great mileage and speed on the first day of F1 testing, ahead of the 2020 season!

Every single team managed over 100 laps throughout the day. Mercedes completed the most amount of laps with 173 followed closely by Red Bull’s 168 and McLaren’s 161.

Valterri Bottas piloted the Mercedes for the morning session with Hamilton taking over in the afternoon. The Brit managed a 1:16.976 compared to Bottas’ 1:17.313.

Charles Leclerc took charge of the Ferrari after Sebastian Vettel felt ill and swapped duties with Leclerc for the day. The Monegasque managed to complete 131 laps but didn’t show any sign of looking at lap time with a lap good enough to only go 11th fastest.

It was a very encouraging day for the other Mercedes powered cars with Sergio Perez managing to go best of the rest in 3rd with a 1:17.375 and Williams managed to clock 136 laps in. That’s a big improvement on last year where the car wasn’t ready for the first two days of testing.

The next test session starts at 8am tomorrow morning.

Article by Ollie Cassidy

Image: Mercedes AMG F1

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