Rory Butcher wins a chaotic race 3 at Snetterton

Rory Butcher made the most of contact between Jason Plato and Ash Sutton to take his 2nd win of the season!

Plato took the lead at the start after passing Chris Smiley into turn 2. Sutton followed Plato through and despite being on softer tyres, the lack of straight line speed on the Subaru kept the Vauxhall Astra ahead.

Sutton then managed to pass Plato on lap 7 around the outside of Turn 2. Later that lap, there was contact between Plato and Sutton resulting in Plato retaking the lead.

Sutton and Plato then went wheel to wheel on lap 9 but they both didn’t see Rory Butcher storm past them both. They then went 3 wide resulting in Plato spinning Sutton around. Sutton would finish outside the points whilst Plato finished 5th with an investigation looming over his head.

Butcher managed to maintain the gap to Josh Cook, who managed to make the most of the Sutton and Plato incident, to take his 2nd win of the season and his first win on the track.

Cook’s teammate Chris Smiley managed to take a great podium finish, despite being on the hard tyres.

In the championship battle, Andrew Jordan managed to finish 6th while Colin Turkington could only finish in 10th. Both were on the hard tyres.


Article by Ollie Cassidy


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