Hamilton holds on to win the Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton survived a huge attack from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to take his 3rd win around the streets of Monte Carlo!

Mercedes decided to put medium tyres on Hamilton while Red Bull and Ferrari decided to put hard tyres on Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Straight away, Mercedes and Hamilton knew that this was a mistake. The Brit had to slow right down, while keeping the rest of the field behind, for a good 60 laps.

The reason behind all of this pit-stop mayhem was thanks to home hero Charles Leclerc who suffered a puncture and pushed too hard on three wheels which resulted in a load of debris. The Ferrari driver managed to pull of a couple of great overtakes but was too ambitious at The Rascasse on Nico Hulkenberg resulting in the puncture. Leclerc would eventually retire with floor damage.

Because Mercedes were 1-2, Valtteri Bottas had to slow right down so he didn’t have to double stack. This meant that Verstappen and Vettel were right on his gearbox and Red Bull managed to just get their driver ahead. However, it was a clear unsafe release which resulted in a 5 second time penalty.

Hamilton managed to win -despite a big scare on lap 77- with Verstappen crossing the line in 2nd. However, thanks to the penalty, Verstappen finished in 4th with Vettel finishing in 2nd and Bottas finishing in 3rd.

Behind these four were Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly -who managed to get the fastest lap- and a very happy Carlos Sainz who bought home his best finish of the year in 6th. Torro Rosso had a great weekend with both drivers comfortably in the points with Daniil Kvyat in 7th and Alexander Albon in 8th.

Daniel Ricciardo managed to make the most of a penalty for Romain Grosjean to sneak home 9th with the Frenchman managing to finish in 10th.

Image: http://www.f1.com

Article by Ollie Cassidy


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