Chinese GP: Hamilton cruises to victory

Lewis Hamilton took victory in Shanghai at the 1000th F1 race with little to no challenge from his rivals.

The Brit made a much better start than teammate Valtteri Bottas and essentially drove off into the distance.

Vettel managed third place behind the Finnish driver, while Charles Leclerc was left frustrated after team orders forced him to allow Vettel past – despite passing him on lap 1. He eventually finished fifth and was unable to catch Verstappen, who provided some of the only excitement in the race, going wheel to wheel with Sebasitan Vettel.

Pierre Gasly shook his recent form and finished sixth, albeit some distance behind his teammate. Ex-Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo managed his first points for his new team.

Perez and Raikkonen were 8th and 9th respectively, with rookie Albon managing a brilliant 10th, despite starting from the pits for Toro Rosso.

Of course the main talking point of the race is that team order, was it justified? Vettel had been sat behind Leclerc for a few laps and looked the faster car. The team decided he should be allowed to attempt to catch the Mercedes’, but failed to do so, raising the question on where Ferrari’s efforts really are.

Leclerc was then used to protect the German from the attacking Verstappen, which was successful, but gearbox issues later meant it was impossible to re-pass the Dutchman.

“We’ve soon got to stop talking about Ferrari this, Ferrari that, Ferrari amazing power…because they are not delivering…We have to accept that Mercedes are beginning to dominate this.”

Said Sky F1’s Martin Brundle.

The other interesting event came on lap one, where Russian driver Kvyat hit both McLarens, he was later penalised for the action, although many believe unfairly. Check the video below:


China Race result

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