Arrivabene replaced by Binotto at Ferrari?

After several statements stating there would be no management shakeup at Ferrari, further reports state the contrary. It is thought that Arrivabene will be replaced by Mattia Binotti.

Despite an official announcement, Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport hinted that it could be announced as early as today.

Obviously the motivation would seem to be what many count as a poor season, despite being the only team to challenge the dominant force in the sport, Mercedes.

Failure to secure the championship was blamed partly on a series of management errors, such as dealing with the issue of team orders in a clear way, creating uneccessary issues between Vettel and Raikkonen at both the German and Italian GPs.

Strategic blunders also portion blame on Arrivabene, including Japan, where the team opted for the wrong tyres, resulting in an outburst on the approach his staff were taking. He later switched his focus to lack of progress on the car development.

He also commented on the rumours of his replacement last year, slating it as ‘fake news’ and they they were ‘put about to create instability in the team’.

Binotto has been with the team since 1995, and has been technical chief since 2016.

It is not yet known who would replace him as head of the technical department, but it is thought that the team may pass more responsibility to aero chief Enrico Cardile and head of engine department Corrado Iotti.

More news as we have it.


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