Vandoorne to Mercedes…sim role

Stoffel Vandoorne will keep ties to F1 via a Mercedes simulator driver role in 2019.

The Belgian has the deal as part of his work in formula E with HWA, which Mercedes will take over the season after.

He will share sim duties with Esteban Ocon, who will be the reserve driver for the team.

“I’ll be doing the simulator work in the F1 team for them, with Mercedes,” Vandoorne said. “That’s an exciting part for me as well, to still be involved in the F1 world, to be with the world champions as well.

For me it will be a very interesting move. I’m sure I can bring them a lot of fresh ideas, let’s say, but also for me to see the differences there are, because I’ve only been at work with McLaren in F1.

It’s exciting for me as well to kind of have a bit of a fresh environment.”

It seems he aims to stay in touch with current cars in F1 in order to make himself available for the future.

“It’s definitely good to keep involved in the [F1] world, because we never know what happens in the future. I think to be involved with Mercedes and to perform the work for them is good, they will know exactly what I’m capable of doing.

We don’t know what the driver market is going to do in the future. It was a bit crazy this season, and who know what it will be in the future. It’s hard to tell. It’s good to be involved and be prepared for anything that comes up.”

Interesting times, could he be in a Mercedes powered car in the future?


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