Kubica signs for Williams 2019 drive

It’s understood that Polish comeback driver Robert Kubica has agreed to drive for Williams in 2019 alongside George Russell.

The decision to bring the driver into the team as a full time driver would mark the final hurdle in a long comeback after his accident in 2011 while rallying, leaving him with severe arm injuries.

Despite being in the running for a Renault drive after a series of summer tests, as well as turning down a Ferrari sim driver job, it seems the 33 year old will be on the grid next year, taking the place of Lance Stroll, who we expect to take a seat at Force India after his father’s syndicate bought the outfit.

“Maybe the wish of driving and coming back to F1 is bigger than the wish of a long project. I leave a lot to personal conclusions.

When I’m saying I want to make my mind up, it’s also about what I want to do with my future.

I’m not looking only for the next three months, or one year, but what is my feeling.”

Kubica has managed to bring in further sponsorship from Poland fuel company Orlen, a reported $10m.

This would seemingly close the door entirely for Esteban Ocon, who many would like to see stay on the grid and surely will raise the ‘pay driver’ argument once again.

An announcement is expected during the Abu Dhabi grand prix weekend.

Edit: This has now been confirmed by Williams.


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