Mercedes bringing more upgrades to Monza

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that the defending champions will bring more upgrades to the Italian grand prix this weekend.

It comes after Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel took victory at Spa last week, finishing a full ten seconds ahead of rival Lewis Hamilton.

Many expected Mercedes’ upgrades for Spa to put them back in front of the power race, but Vettel easily overtook Hamilton and was not really challenged for the rest of the race.

“The last one where we have been quickest in pure pace was Silverstone…Spa was always a tricky one for us and Monza a good one, so I’m very curious to see how it’s going to go in Monza.”

“Monza should be another good upgrade that we’ll put on the car and this is a performance race that will be the difference between winning and losing this championship.”

Ferrari set their sights on their first win at their home grand prix in almost a decade. It’s certainly looking more promising for the team, with the engine showing in most cases, better pace than Mercedes.

Obviously this starts to effect the championship too, with Hamilton’s lead cut to 17 points over Vettel and just 15 points in the constructors, which they were lucky to hold onto after a DNF by Raikkonen.

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