Force India change name and forfeit points

In a somewhat bizarre move, the previously struggling Force India F1 team have renamed themselves to ‘Racing Point Force India’.

While this seems like an odd move, I’m sure it’s political, a way of clearing themselves of the financial issues after they were bought by the Stroll ‘syndicate’ of investors.

Most would have expected them to change to something along the lines of Force Racing or something tying them to the name, but dropping the ‘India’ and its links to Veejay Mallya.

However, the absolute strangest thing is that the team have been told they will drop all of their championship points from the first twelve races of the season, and the old team is excluded. These stipulations however did not extend to the drivers, who hand onto their points as individual drivers.

The FIA’s ruling is as follows:

“Following a disciplinary investigation and prosecution by the FIA under Article 4 of the FIA’s Judicial and Disciplinary Rules, the Sahara Force India F1 Team has accepted its exclusion from the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship with immediate effect, due to its incapacity to comply with Article 8.2 of the Sporting Regulations moving forward, and forfeits all Constructors Championship points under Article 6.2.”

At least the uncertainty over whether or not the team will be racing for the rest of the year is resolved, but it seems like the team has gone down an odd route for the name!

We’re yet to see an announcement about Lance Stroll heading to the team, although it’s widely accepted that since his father was heavily involved in the buyout, he will be there at some point. The community, meanwhile, have shown some great representations of a livery….


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