Jack Goff hits two for two at Snetterton

Jack Goff secured his second pole position of the day at Snetterton, this time for tomorrow’s special sixty-mile race which celebrates sixty years of the British Touring Car Championship, first won by Jack Sears in 1958.

With all the drivers having no ballast, the second qualifying session at the Norfolk track was interestingly frantic, to say the least! In fact, most drivers say qualifying on pole in these sessions is more impressive as everyone is more equal. Drivers traded quickest times throughout, but it was the Wix Racing with Eurotech man who came out on top.

Jack Goff had looked quick all day at Snetterton. Photo credit: British Touring Car Championship

Goff went four-tenths quicker than he did in the qualifying session earlier on with a time of 1.55.171, going two tenths quicker than Honda Yuasa Racing’s Matt Neal. Motorbase Performance’s Tom Chilton qualified third after having engine issues all day in Free Practice and in the first qualifying session with a lap he was incredibly happy and excited by.

Tom Chilton qualified third for the sixty-mile encounter after suffering from engine issues all day. Photo credit: British Touring Car Championship

After the session, pole sitter Goff commented, “You only want one and then two come along at once – like London buses! I spoke after the first qualifying session and said we had a little thing in the car we needed to work on and the boys did a good job.”

Speaking on the frantic session, he said, “It’s about trying to find a bit of clear track, we’re all very close in the times and it’s really challenging with a front wheel drive car, you get two laps really and if you get caught up on your first lap, the pressure’s on.”

He continued, “We didn’t have a very clean first lap, so I knew the second lap had to be something pretty special and thankfully we got quicker and quicker, and the Wix Racing with Eurotech Type R was on rails.

The British Touring Car Championship celebrates its 60th Birthday. Photo credit: Jacob Ebrey

It will be interesting to see how the drivers get on tomorrow as they do a sixty-mile race – about double than what they normally are. Just like the qualifying session, there will be no success ballast to be taken into account – it will just be a straight fight to see who can win, arguably one of the most prestigious British Touring Car races.

By Jordan Hollands

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