Has Lawrence Stroll bought Force India?

News is emerging today that Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, father of current Williams driver Lance Stroll, has bought the ailing Force India team.

At this point we need to state this is based on rumours published by AutoBild today.

It’s no secret that Force India is in a bit of a financial state at the moment, with speculation that they were registering for ‘controlled bankruptcy’. There is also the fact that owner Vijay Mallya is in hot water with authorities and was showing keen interest in offloading the team.

At this point, it’s unclear whether or not Stroll has bought a majority stake or the whole team for himself. In any case, it would certainly suggest that his son will be there in the near future in one of the cars.

It would mean that one of the current drivers would need to look for a seat elsewhere, setting off a whole chain reaction in the mid pack. Both Force India drivers have their strengths, Perez has experience while Ocon has shown to be a capable racer. Rumours have said that the latter would be snapped up by Renault, meaning one of their drivers would get the boot.

It’s more likely to be Sainz who leaves as he’s contracted to Red Bull as part of their supplier agreement, so who knows where he could end up!

We could be getting way ahead of ourselves, but it looks like silly season is in full swing!

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