Hamilton wins monumental German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton clawed his way through the field from 14th to end victorious in a hectic German Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel lead from pole for the majority of the race only conceeding it through the pitstops to teammate Raikkonen however team orders meant that Vettel was let back through and started to pull away from the Finn.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton had made his way up to fifth however was still a pit stop down on the Ferarris, teammate Bottas and Verstappen.

Daniel Ricciardo too was making his way through the field however became the first retirement early on as he pulled up stating that there was something wrong with the car.

Hamilton, who started on soft tyres, was staying out with the threat of rain looming, however eventually he came in for a set of Ultrasoft tyres, the set that he would use till race end.

Then the rain came focusing in Turn 6 and Turn 2 mainly and did catch people out. Charles Leclerc span multiple times in the wet conditions, however the biggest incicdent was that of Sebastian Vettel.

The Ferrari went into the gravel and hit the barrier in the arena while the German was leading his home race. The crash brought out the safety car, and Bottas and Kimi dived for the pits.

With both drivers heading for the pits, and Hamilton staying out on track gifted the Brit the lead, and despite a small challenge from Bottas at the restart, the Finn was told to hold position and secured at 66th win for the defending world champion, and new championship leader.

The win for Hamilton and the DNF for Vettel means that the Brit leads by 17 points and Mercedes retake the lead in the constructors championship, as they head to Hungary where Ferrari scored a 1-2 last year.

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