Vettel wins ahead of ‘comeback kid’ Hamilton

Silverstone put on a great show for the fans on Sunday, with Brit favourite Lewis Hamilton on pole, it was expected he would storm to victory. That wasn’t the case, however…

Hamilton had a tardy start off the line and was mobbed by both Ferraris and his teammate, this put him into a difficult position into turn three. Raikkonen went to the inside and locked a wheel, then ended up running into the Mercedes, leaving him dead last.

Raikkonen was handed a ten second penalty for the incident, meaning he say in the pits for what felt like an age.

After the race, Hamilton said it was an ‘interesting tactic’ from Ferrari, which would suggest he thought it was a purposeful move, which in my opinion is laughable, but it does make for an interesting rest of the season!

A safety car meant Bottas could get ahead of Vettel for the lead but the German fought back, utilising fresher tyres to catch him off guard with a stunning move near the end of the race.

It seems some parts of the Mercedes team are unwravelling, with questionable strategy calls yet again. Ericsson crashed and triggered the safety car, which Vettel pitted, but Bottas was told to stay out, meaning his tyres were a lot older and much more difficult to defend with.


To add insult to injury for the Finn, Hamilton then passed him at the same spot a lap later, with Raikkonen getting past at Brooklands to take the final podium position.

Despite charging back to second place, the Ferrari of Vettel was just too strong at Silverstone, with straight line speed being a huge strength.

With cars bunched up again after the second safety car due to Grosjean and Sainz coming together, it meant the last 11 laps were a sprint finish, giving us some of the best wheel to wheel action in recent years.

Bottas managed to stay in fourth, ahead of Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Ocon, Alonso, Magnussen and Gasly, who has subsequently lost this position and the final point to Perez, after an accident with him.

The championship lead is with Vettel, ahead of his home grand prix in two weeks’ time.



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