McLaren reportedly offer huge deal to Ricciardo

McLaren have allegedly offered a huge pay increase for the Australian to join the team next year, it was reported today.

According to some news outlets, ‘king of the driver market’, Ricciardo, who is out of contract from Red Bull at the end of the season, has reportedly been offered a near triple increase in pay to join McLaren.

It would seem that the offer was sparked by two major changes in the paddock in the last week, the first being Fernando Alonso being part of the Le Mans 24 winning team, meaning he could be set to concentrate on winning the Indy 500 next year.

The other is Red Bull announcing their switch to Honda power for 2019, it was speculated that Ricciardo would move if this were to happen as the Japanese manufacturer showed a lack of success with McLaren.

Sports-Bild put the offer at $20m a year, which is a huge jump for the driver.

Helmut Marko said:

“Our Daniel Ricciardo is the king of the market, McLaren offers him more every week.”

He went on to comment on when a decision could be made:

“Ricciardo doesn’t want to sign until Hamilton has signed, it’s a bit strange. Hopefully it ends soon.”


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