Winning LMP2 G-Drive Disqualified!

The winning LMP2 #26 G-Drive car with Jean-Eric Vergne, Andrea Pizzitola and Roman Rusinov has been excluded from the race after an illegal fuel rig!

The G-Drive car dominated LMP2 winning by over 3 minutes but it seems there was a reason behind this dominance. The fuel rig they used was illegal as they had inserted an extra part to the restrictor, resulting in a faster fuel flow.

In most races, you won’t gain too much time thanks to fast fuel flow but in Le Mans, it gains you a huge amount of time. They were gaining 6-8 seconds per pitstop and the G-Drive made 37 pitstops which results in a lot of time gained.

As well as the #26 G-Drive, the #28 TDS car was disqualified for the same reason! All of this means that the #36 Signatech Alpine of Andre Negrao, Nicolas Lapierre and Pierre Thiriet is the winner of LMP2 with the #39 moved up to 2nd and the #32 car including Juan Pablo Montoya up to 3rd.


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