Mercedes F1 helping Formula E entry for 2019

Following the announcement of Mercedes joining the all electric series, it has been revealed that the F1 team will lend a hand in developing the car.

If you’re a multi championship winning F1 manufacturer and are looking for a new challenge, where do you go? Formula E it seems!

With Mercedes pulling out of DTM at the end of the year, it looks to the future by entering FE as a customer team with powertrains provided by Venturi, as a precursor to their full blow entry in 2021.

The location where the currently dominating power train in F1 was developed will play a large part in working on the new contender. Toto Wolff said:

“The combined know-how of the Mercedes family at Affalterbach [HWA], Brixworth and Brackley provides the perfect foundations for our new Mercedes EQ Formula E team. I cannot imagine a better combination to take on this kind of project.”

He did say that the team are not going in with an ego and will join as rookies against big names like Audi, Jaguar, BMW and Nissan.

“Formula E is a unique series with some very specific challenges for its teams. We know the level of competition is extremely high and we will approach the challenge with energy and humility. There can be no other approach when we are up against 10 competitive manufacturers, many of whom have years of experience in the series.”

But let’s be honest, it’s hard not to have high expectations for the team, the obviously have a great setup and factory/development staff.

Since a certain Nico Rosberg is an investor in the series, could we see him back in an open top race car again soon?

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