Grid penalty for Grosjean after Spanish GP crash

The Frenchman has been awarded a three place grid penalty at the Monaco GP following his spin which triggered the crash which took out two other drivers.

It seems like the Haas driver’s luck has gone downhill this year, with a promising start in Melbourne followed by incident after incident. Now whever he qualifies in Monaco, he’ll end up further back, which is absolutely not what you want at a circuit so tight and difficult to overtake at.

He has also received two penalty points on his racing license, meaning he’s up to five already, unfortunately, these are the only points he’s scored this year!

So what happened to cause this whole thing? Well he was caught out by a car in front which had slowed down, lost the back end of his car and ended up sideways on the track, he then made the decision to floor the throttle, which created a huge wall of smoke, obscuring the vision of the field. Check out the video from all angles below:

Grosjean says it was natural instinct to floor the throttle, the stewards disagreed.

“The stewards found that while it is speculation as to where the driver’s car would have ended up had he chosen other alternatives, it is certain that while crossing the track in front of the following pack of cars, which he chose to do, that a collision occurred. Further, in reviewing the video, the stewards found that the car was following the line on the left side of the track and was almost fully off the track, when he made the decision to cross it.”

One of the drivers who was taken out in the incident, Nico Hulkenberg had this to say.

“He doesn’t look great in that particular scenario. But generally he likes spinning a lot during the weekend but lap one is not a good timing to do it with all the cars around. I think he’s got to look at it and got some homework do for himself.”

So, yeah he doesn’t sound too thrilled.

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