Ferrari’s Halo mirrors banned for next race

Ferrari’s newest bodywork feature has been outlawed by the FIA in time for Monaco.

Since the announcement that the FIA was to allow mirrors to be mounted to the Halo device, many have been speculating what form this would take and who would be the first to make the change. Ferrari arrived in Spain this week with a radical design which saw not only the mirrors mounted to the Halo, but also some ‘wings’ sprouting from the safety device too.

Ferrari have stated that the mirrors were moved for visibility reasons and the ‘wings’ do not provide an aerodynamic benefit and were purely to stabilise the whole structure. Now, how often do you think F1 teams add something that doesn’t provide some kind of benefit? Exactly, and the FIA have agreed and banned the addition for the next race, Monaco. They will still be allowed for this weekend as it would be unreasonable to ask the team to remove them at such short notice.

It does raise an interesting question on whether they will remove them entirely and go back to the old mirror design, or work on something else, plus what will the other teams do, now that they have a clear boundary, thanks to the Italian outfit.

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