List shortens for Mercedes 2019 drive

It has been revealed that currently that Mercedes are only looking at drivers who are already involved with their own program in some way.

Although Hamilton is out of contract at the end of the year, he’s expected to sign for them anytime soon, so currently the only question is who will drive alongside him next year.

Despite a shaky start to the season, Bottas must be the number one choice at present, since he’s been there a couple of years now and seems to be happy to be a team player. It would seem Hamilton is keen to keep him since he was singing his praises after Baku, it would also help him to have someone who is willing to take the second driver position, (yes I know Mercedes claim there is no such thing but who are they kidding?)

Team boss Toto Wolff commented.

“We are not looking at drivers outside of Mercedes at the moment because, first of all, we need to give our support to our two guys, that’s the priority. It’s like if you’re happy with your wife, you don’t look elsewhere!

“We are with our two wives – or three [including Ocon] – and we are not looking at that. Give us a few more races, start the European season properly, go to Canada, and then the intense July, and I will have a better view.”

So it looks like either Bottas or Ocon at this point, although Mercedes do have a few other choices in George Russell and Pascal Wehrlein, but the jump could be pretty big for them this early on.

It would seem to dispel the rumour that Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo is in with a shot at the moment, but I guess he’s busy ‘not’ talking to Ferrari anyway.

I’m sure the summer break is going to be an interesting one…

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